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Table of contents:

  1. 123Movies: history, prosecution, closure, analogs, and FAQ
  2. History of 123Movies platform
  3. Which 123Movies's website is the genuine one
  4. Review of a typical 123Movies-like website
  5. 123movies' alternatives
  6. 123Movies' legal analogs
  7. FAQ

123MOVIES: history, prosecution, closure, analogs, and FAQ

The history of 123Movies - one of the world's most visited illegal movie websites - is a proof of the current legislation's efficiency. For several years this web service remained a thorn in the side of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) that acts in the interests of major Hollywood film production companies. The pirate website's activities used to cause huge losses both for filmmakers and providers.

Eventually, the platform that had been operating from Vietnam was declared illegal and banned not only in the US but in many other countries across the globe. The Vietnamese authorities managed to seize control of the illegal service only after a criminal investigation had been opened. The wheels were set in motion thanks to the negotiations between the US Ambassador to Vietnam and Head of the local Ministry of Information and Communications. But first things first. 

History of 123Movies platform

123Movies.to - a pirate streaming website designed for viewing films and TV series - was launched at the turn of 2015-2016. The web service did not feature in 2015's list of "Notorious Markets" to be paid special attention to and was first mentioned in the report of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) only in 2016.

The service's popularity stemmed from the fact that it offered free film viewing in HD, HD-RIP, and Blu-ray, and was growing exponentially. According to SimilarWeb (a major web analytics platform), in August of 2016 the website attracted over 9.26 mln unique users.

First precautions

In October of 2016, MPAA issued its annual report for USTR in which 123Movies.to, according to Alexa Internet, was ranked No.559 globally and No.386 in the US. In the same month, after the report's data became publicly known, Business Insider called 123Movies.to "Great Britain's most visited pirate website". From that moment on, the platform came to the attention of the regulatory bodies.

However, in anticipation of the expected blocking, the first precautions were taken on the popular website even before October of 2016 was over. A message for the users appeared on the homepage that stated as follows: "In case the main domain has been blocked by your provider, you can get access to our website using another domain http://123movies.ru". The website's administration was well aware that the traffic reduction was inevitable, so the audience was offered an alternative option aimed at minimizing losses - to access 123Movies using a new domain name in the RU area.

What happened to 123Movies in 2017

In March of 2017, TorrentFreak - a blog dedicated to the infringement of copyright and digital right - revealed the information about the talks between the US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius and the local Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan. In the course of the discussion, the US diplomat raised the issue of blocking the illegal streaming website and urged the member of the Vietnamese government to bring to justice the website's operators that were allegedly residing in the Republic.

The response of the pirate website's administration was not slow in coming. Even before March was over, information appeared in 123Movies's official account that the domain name was changed to 123movies.is and several days later - to 123movieshd.to. On March 28 the website's domain name was altered to Memovies.to and a couple of hours later the website's representative told TorrentFreak that GoMovies.to was going to be its official domain "at least for the moment".

Main reason for changing domain names

Replying to a question about the domain name changes, the representative said that it was done partly to distinguish the service from a huge number of fake websites and proxies that had appeared on the Web recently. Numerous fake sources that had nothing to do with 123Movies took advantage of the associations raised by the similarity of names and managed to occupy rather high positions in the search engines, thus exacerbating an already tough competition. Having changed the brand name and the logo on the official website to GoMovies, the operator altered the service's Twitter account as well.

In July of 2017, the domain name was again changed - this time to GoStream. There was speculation that this measure was taken for an already known reason (rapid spread of clone websites) or due to traffic growth. According to SimilarWeb, 18.45 mln unique users from all over the world visited the website in July.

All these changes were included in MPAA's annual report for USTR in October. The document also stated that, despite GoStream.is's taking numerous steps to hide the identity of its operator, including a chain of reverse proxy servers in the US, Iran, and Romania, there was strong reason to believe that he was still in Vietnam. The right holders' representatives even managed to find out that the content was being uploaded to the website through the cyberlockers from numerous email accounts originating from Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Later in the year, the domain name was changed to MeMovies.to and then to 123movieshub.to/is.

What happened to 123Movies in 2018

In January the findings of SimilarWeb analysts' investigation were published, according to which 98 mln people visited 123movieshub.is each month. This number is rather below record 282 mln unique visitors attracted by The Pirate Bay - absolute leader among all pirate services - but experts claim that the audience of about 100 mln is still able to cause the film industry severe damage.

In early March MPAA's Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection Jan van Voorn made a statement that the Association had sent its representatives to Vietnam. This measure aimed at uniting efforts with the local Police Investigation Authority in the hope that it would lead to the collapse of the streaming platform.

Van Voorn also stressed that the upcoming blocking of pirate websites should entail the arrival of legal analogs. In his opinion, the public ought to be enlightened so that it changed its attitude to piracy in the film industry.

Definitive blocking

On March 19 of 2018 - several days after the speech of MPAA's Vice President - the popular streaming website 123Movies, also known as GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123movieshub, announced its closure: "We have been providing links to movies and TV series for many years. Now it's time to say goodbye. Thank you for having been our friends, and thanks for having stayed with us for so long".

The service's team provided no details about the reason for the shutdown but made a P.S.: "Please pay for the movies and TV shows. This is what we should do to be respectful to the people who created them". The platform was allegedly shut down under the pressure of the Vietnamese authorities and due to a criminal investigation opened at the initiative of the industry's giants represented by MPAA.

Which 123Movies's website is the genuine one

After the closure of 123Movies, a great number of clone websites flooded the Web but the pirate streaming services had, and have to this day, no relation to the brand since it ceased to operate. The websites whose names contain variations of word forms 123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, or 123movieshub are only minnows. Vast pirated content to which the brand's official website used to provide access is now offered by few illegal streaming giants. Their number reduces each year as 2018's successful criminal investigation in Vietnam brought the fight against film piracy to a qualitatively new level.

According to TorrentFreak, in November of 2018 the FBI closed several dozens of websites similar to 123Movies, including WatchAsap. However, new fake services appear daily since demand generates supply. Millions of movie websites' users who are not ready to pay for viewing movies and TV series and shows remain overboard.

Review of a typical 123Movies-like website

The popularity of clone websites is based not only on the reputation of 123Movies - a service that in less than three years managed to start attracting 98 mln unique visitors each month thanks to the uploading of quality content represented by the latest movies.

A typical 123Movies-like pirate website features options that are very similar to those of the legendary original, which is often the key factor for the users in the process of selecting a free viewing platform. For example, the service https://123moviess.is/ whose domain name is almost identical to its famous predecessor has a similar design.

How to use the search line

In the middle of the homepage there is a search line with the original logo above it and the slogan "Watch Your Favorite Movies Online". To find a movie or a TV series, one should type its name and click on the magnifying icon on the right.

After that, the user will be redirected to the page with the search results. Clicking on the desired movie or TV series will open the page with the player, while pressing on the play button in the middle of the screen will enable the user to start the viewing.

The movie or the first episode of the series will play after a short loading the duration of which depends on the speed of your Internet connection. On the left side of the player, there is the "NIGHT MODE" button that makes the screen darker for a more comfortable viewing.

Below the player window, some useful information can be found: film genre, cast, director, country of production, duration, quality, release date, IMDb rating. Further below there is the "You may also like" block that features recommended movies of a similar genre and plot.


In the left part of the header, there is the logo, and on the right side of it, closer to the middle of the page, navigation blocks are located: HOME, GENRE, TV SERIES, MOVIES. By clicking on "HOME" you can open the homepage that features relevant collections based on the IMDb rating, release date, genre, country of production, etc.

Mousing over the "GENRE" block opens a dropdown menu with the list of film genres. Select a genre and click on it, and you will be redirected to the page with movies of the selected genre. To view the next part of the list, click on the "Next" button below.

Pressing on the "TV-SERIES" and "MOVIES" blocks will lead you to the respective sections of the website. In the upper right corner, there is an intuitive filter that enables selecting the type of content (movies or TV series), quality, genre, country of production, and release date. By using the sorting, you can make the process of searching for an appropriate option much easier.

In the lower part of the website, the most popular ratings, film genres, and TV series' countries of production are grouped to enable a more comfortable navigation. Here you can also find the form for the subscription for updates and news that requires inserting your email address and pressing the "Subscribe" button.

Sign up and Log in

The right side of the header features the Sign-in form. Although below the search line there is the note that viewing movies and TV series does not require signing up or subscribing, the users reserve the right to choose whether to do it or not. Having signed up, you will be able to add the movies you like to "Favorites", share your opinion, or send reviews.

By clicking on "LOG IN" you will see a standard login form, in the lower part of which the users are offered to become registered viewers. Pressing on the "Join Now" button will open a sign-up form with five fields: name, user name, email, and password confirmation. It takes just a couple of minutes to fill in the form, after which you will only have to press the "Sign Up" button.

123movies' alternatives

Below you will find useful information on various services that are analogous to 123Movies. Some of them keep operating despite being closely watched by MPAA and other regulatory authorities.


Putlocker is a pirate website for free streaming of movies and TV series that was launched in 2011. The service's initial URL-address was putlocker.com. In early January of 2012, the website was visited by around 800,000 users daily. Thanks to the blocking of the main competitor (Megaupload), Putlocker quickly managed to increase its daily audience to 1.6 mln users.

Having been prosecuted on many occasions, the website was forced to change its web address several times. In May of 2016, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ordered to shut Putlocker down but its owners resorted to the change of the domain name again.


FMovies is an online pirate network that enables its users both to view and download movies and TV series. According to TorrentFreak, the first website was created around 2016 and blocked for the search in Google in December of the same year. In October of 2017 FMovies lost in court against ABS-CBN - a Philippine media entertainment group - and was constrained to pay $210,000.

In January of 2018, the website was included in the list of "Notorious Markets" and became a matter of close attention for MPAA. In December the platform was blocked in Australia, and, in February of 2019, it was banned by Sweden and India. As of april 2021, from two to four various versions of FMovies continue to operate but their location is unknown.


Yesmovies is another streaming service that enables illegal viewing of film industry products. There is no information about the brand's right holders. Several dozens of Yesmovies versions can be found in different domain areas on the Web but we can only speculate on whether they are somehow related to each other.

GoMovies and GoStream

Unlike their predecessor 123Movies, GoMovies and GoStream have not managed to win global public recognition since their establishment. Although these websites also have their audiences, they are far from being visited by 98 mln users each month like the original 123movies.

123Movies' legal analogs

A series of high-profile blockings of pirate websites in the 2010s caused an increased activity of legal streaming platforms. The terms of use have been reexamined and amended, which enabled these websites to offer to their users more sophisticated products and services without compromising their quality.


Netflix was founded in California back in 1997 but did not penetrate the global market until 2010. In 2012 the company undertook a more active role as a producer and a distributor of movies and TV series and launched "Netflix Original" online library. The users can choose between three subscription packages: basic, standard, and premium, with their price ranging from 9$ to 16$.

By April of 2021, Netflix boasted over 190 mln commercial subscriptions all over the world, with the US accounting for 73 mln. This streaming platform is available globally except from Syria, North Korea, mainland China (due to the local restrictions), and Crimea (due to the sanctions imposed by the US).

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a commercial subscription program that provides its users with access to additional services on favorable terms (for example, prompt delivery of goods, and other bonuses). As of January of 2020, Amazon streaming of music and video was used by over 150 subscribers across the world. The price of the subscription in the autumn of 2021 is about 13$.


Hulu is a popular ad-sponsored website and subscription service that was launched in March of 2007 and gives access to streamed TV shows, movies, trailers, behind-the-scenes footages, and other film industry products.

In 2011 the company started the production and streaming of original TV programs and soon gained major popularity. The price of the subscription in the autumn of 2021 is around 12$. Users who subscribe for 12 months are granted a considerable discount.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a subscription for the famous service that enables users to access exclusive content - YouTube Originals online movie library. By the way, no ads are shown during the streaming. Videos can be downloaded or played without the Internet connection.

The monthly subscription costs 3$ though students are granted more favorable conditions. The family subscription costs a little more but it gives access to YouTube content to as many as five users that live together.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a streaming platform for viewing Apple Originals movies and TV series. Having been launched in 2019, the service grants access to Apple TV series only. Here you will not find a catalog with licensed content similar to that of Netflix. The video and sound quality is impeccable. The content supports 4K, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos but if your device is not compatible with these technologies, videos will be automatically played in HDR10 or SDR. The resolution is adaptive as well. The price of the family subscription for 6 users is 5$ a month. In case of purchasing a new device Apple will please you with a free annual subscription.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about 123Movies.


Is it legal to use 123Movies?

123Movies does not have and has never had a legal website but in many countries the viewing of pirate video content is not a crime. There is no single answer to this question, so we suggest using VPN services to hide your real IP.

Is 123movies legal in the US?

No, the use of pirate services included in the list of "Notorious Markets" is not legal but, at the same time, it is not subject to state prosecution in the US.

Is 123movies legal in the UK?

No, in October of 2016, after a complaint filed by MPAA that represents several major Hollywood film production companies, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled that access to 123movies.to must be blocked. However, in the UK private citizens are not prosecuted for the viewing of pirate videos.

Is 123movies legal in Germany?

No. In Germany, the use of any pirate video streaming service may entail the imposition of administrative penalties. The amount of the fine can reach several thousand Euros, and that is why we suggest that you should use VPN services to ensure safe viewing of pirate videos in Germany.